Already dreading the breastpump

I was happily surprised to see that one of my blog posts of the last year was included in the list of Best Breastfeeding Blogs and Blog Posts of 2009 by the blog PhD in Parenting.

And that got me to thinking about the fact that I will once again be breastfeeding a baby in 2010, almost TWENTY YEARS after I became a mama for the first time, to my sweet baby H, who is now 18 years old and a high school grad. I only nursed H for a few weeks, because I had no idea what I was doing and I got superbad medical advice on HOW to nurse my baby. But I did breastfeed him. I then nursed J between 1995 and 1999 (Yes, that’s four years. What can I say? The kid liked to nurse!), and E between 1998 and 2001. Then I breastfed C for 13 months between 2007 and 2008. And now I’ll be a breastfeeding mother again, for the last time.

That’s a whole lot of breastfeeding! It’s definitely been one of the most gratifying, enjoyable parts of motherhood for me. The only parts I did not enjoy were the few bouts with mastitis that I had over the years, nursing J while pregnant with E (HATED nursing while pregnant and probably wouldn’t do it again unless I were pregnant but also still had a nursling under 12 months of age), and the godawful experience of pumping as a full-time working mother, which I dealt with for the first time with C.

I have to admit that I am already truly dreading the pumping part of breastfeeding this time around. As I’ve blogged before, my extreme hatred of everything about pumping gave me a deeper understanding of how strongly felt some women’s dislike is for breastfeeding itself. I assume that the women who tell me that they just hated nursing sort of feel the way I feel about pumping. Pumping was a very humbling experience for me. I used a Medela Pump in Style last time, which many women find to work great, but I think that this time I will either cough up the $$$ for another brand of high-end consumer-grade pump, like the Avent Isis (have any of you tried this one?), or I may even rent a hospital grade pump like the Medela Lactina (have any of you used one of these as a working mom pump?). Maybe with a breastpump that I like better, it won’t be so bad. Maybe. I hope. I also now have a job with a more predictable schedule and an office of my own with a door that locks, which wil be a lot easier than trying to find time to leave a busy newsroom and go hide in some out of the way, freezing spot in the building to try to pump. So that will certainly be an improvement.

But even so, I am not looking forward to that part of working while mothering a baby. Maybe some of you can relate.

Hubris gets a much-needed takedown

ME (rather dramatically explaining my urgent need to get better organized and improve my project planning/documentation processes in light of exploding workload from -YaY!- lots of new agency business): “If I suddenly dropped dead tomorrow, I’m afraid no one would know where to pick up my projects where I left off ,or figure what needs to be done next with the stuff I am working on !!!”

LONG PAUSE as I await expected empathetic response to my obviously important declaration…..

Wise elder statesman co-worker, calmly and matter of factly: “Katie, you would be DEAD. This would no longer be your problem. And in case no one has ever explained this to you, you can no longer be a CONTROL FREAK after death.

(Have I mentioned that I love, absolutely love this particular coworker?)