And the correct guess on my big news is…..

….I have a new gig.

I am really excited to share that I’ve accepted a wonderful opportunity with Scripps Networks. I’ll be working as Social Media Manager for their shelter brands – HGTV and DIY. I start in about two weeks. Scripps is one of the most progressive and innovative media companies in the world, and I feel very lucky to have been asked to join their supersmart team.

I will miss seeing my very dear coworkers and clients at Ackermann on a daily basis, but I plan to force them to have lunch and/or drink beer with me on a regular basis. They won’t be able to escape me. Muwahahahaha!

So anyway, that’s my big news. I think it’s going to be great.

We now interrupt this blog for a bit of shameless self promotion

Hey y’all – I’m nominated in the Knoxville News Sentinel’s annual “Best Of” Readers’ Poll as “Best Blogger.” If you enjoy the old blog here and feel so inclined you can GO HERE and cast a vote for . Voting only takes 5 seconds – for realz – and it doesn’t require any sign in or registration or anything like that.

Feel free to spread the voting link on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog if you want to be extra nice.

I think voting ends on the 20th – so in a day or two.



Help a sistah blogger out…

If you enjoy reading my blog, would you consider casting a vote for me in the “Best Blogger” category in this poll from the Knoxville News Sentinel?

I’m honored to have been nominated among some other really amazing local bloggers whose work I love to read, and I appreciate any votes I manage to collect.

You could also, you know, if you felt so inclined and ummm…had the time, nominate me for the next batch of “Babble Best” bloggers. That would be kind of a big deal if I managed to land on Babble’s annual list.

(And feel free to mention these two polls (on Twitter, Facebook or maybe your own blog) to other folks who might wanna give a little boost.

Thanks y’all 😉


I’m apparently a nominee for East TN’s “Best Blogger”

I’ve apparently been nominated for the Knoxville News Sentinel’s annual “Best Of” poll in the “Best Blogger” category. If you like my blog and feel so inclined, pop over there and register your vote.

You can find the “Best Blogger” category by going HERE and clicking on “Entertainment” category, and then clicking on “Local Blogger”

Much appreciated!

(East Tennessee is home to some AMAZINGLY talented bloggers, so I am unlikely to win, but even being nominated is awfully nice…)

PS: I just noticed that I am also nominated in the “Best Twitterer” category. You can follow me on Twitter HERE or vote for me in that category by going HERE and clicking on “Entertainment” and then on “Best Twitterer”

Thanks y’all!

1,000 strong for a great cause

I missed my friend Mary Ellen’s very cool social media-inspired fundraiser for the YWCA this week (I wanted to go but was just not up to it yet), but J went and had a great time, and I wanted to let other folks know about it. So check out how you can help and please consider sharing the links across your own blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles.

Thanks! – Katie

I am pretty sure this is THE worst pitch to a mommyblogger in the history of bad pitches

From my inbox today (name of actual person who signed off on the email redacted because I don’t wanna be mean).

I especially love all the cheery exclamation points!

Hi Katie,

I work for the company that is producing Mutual of Omaha’s “proud sponsor of life’s aha moments” campaign– visit to see what an aha moment is and the great real stories we filmed during the campaign in 2009.

Associated to that, we have a 34-foot Airstream mobile film studio that is traveling the US on a 25-city tour to capture the country’s aha moments. We are headed to Knoxville this upcoming Monday, June 21st & Tuesday, June 22nd, and would love to invite you to share a defining life moment – large or small. I came across your blog and think you would have a great story to share! You would just have to step into the Airstream studio for a few minutes and tell your story on film, which would be posted to .

We would love to have you if you are interested! We will be parked at Market Square (at approximately 398 Union Ave.), Monday, June 21st (11am to 7pm) and Tuesday, June 22nd (11am to 7pm).

Let me know as soon as possible and I can reserve some time for you, thanks!

Blog Link:
Follow the tour on Twitter: @myahamoment
Follow the tour on Facebook:
Check into your tour stop on foursquare:

Name of Person
Email Person’s email address


So I’m wondering what she thinks my “aha” moment would be? Maybe, “Aha! My child just died!” or “Aha! I haven’t stopped crying for two weeks!”

(This is a good reminder to PR folks to READ BLOGS BEFORE YOU PITCH THEM. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?)

Let’s begin again

H was first admitted to the hospital one month ago today. And now we are heading back to the same hospital to begin again.

Today H will be transferred back to the acute-care, higher level hospital where he spent the first two weeks after his injury. For the past two weeks he’s been at another hospital’s in-house neuro rehab program, but to be honest, he hasn’t made much progress and in fact, his condition has deteriorated over time. Then, in the past 48 hours, he had a significant seizure episode and has become rapidly less aware or able to communicate or follow simple instructions. A new CT Scan yesterday (which I had to insist on being done) revealed increased edema in the frontal lobes. He is also in significant pain from a bad headache, a new development.

Yesterday afternoon, I headed over to the hospital after work. While H was asleep and I was perched next to his bed, I wrote a blog post about the negative changes we were seeing in his overall condition. Then I spent some time on the phone with his doctor, talking about the changes. His doctor admitted that he was very concerned, but said he wasn’t quite sure what needed to happen next. He said he would consult with a neurologist in the next day or two to consider our options. I hung up feeling worried. My gut told me that H needed to receive more focused care immediately. I just knew that something was changing with him, that something was very wrong.

After I wrote the blog post in the late afternoon, I posted a link to it on my Facebook page. A neighbor of mine, who is my friend on Facebook, saw the post and became concerned when she read about how H’s condition was worsening. She asked her husband, Dr. R. a well-respected neurologist in town who hasn’t been treating H, to take a look at what I had written, which he did. Dr. R. was concerned enough by what he read in my blog post that he called another mutual friend/neighbor of ours (he didn’t have my number) to ask her to get in touch with me. So she called me and explained that Dr. R had read my blog post and was worried about H. She gave me his number and asked me to call him.

To make a long story short, I called Dr. R. He quickly came from his house right over to the hospital, which happens to be located in our mutual neighborhood. He examined H and gave me his opinion that H currently needs a higher level of care than the rehab center provides; his condition has deteriorated since he was moved from hospital #1. Dr. R. was concerned about the seizure, H’s continuing “mini seizures,” the edema on the brain and other issues we’re seeing. After spending some time examining H, Dr. R. called H’s doctor, whom he knows, and within an hour it was decided that H would be transferred today back to the acute neurology unit at the higher-level hospital where Dr. R is on staff. Dr. R is admitting him, and his group will be treating him. H is having an MRI today to find out more about the source of the edema and the seizure activity, and H’s doctor agreed with Dr. R’s recommendation that he be started on depakote, an anti-seizure med. He had his first dose last night.

After Dr. R. left, H’s nurse came in to his room, shut the door and told me quietly that she was SO GLAD that Dr. R. had gotten involved because she had been very worried about H. She said several of the nurses had been talking about how H needed to sent back to the acute-care hospital where neurologists would be overseeing his care.

“You did the right thing getting Dr. R over here. He’s the best.
,” she said to me. “You’re a good mom.”

I really appreciated her saying that because as a mom, I feel so incredibly helpless in this situation most of the time.

Today I am feeling pretty indebted to Dr. R and his wife. And also pretty grateful for community – both virtual and real. You hear a lot of horror stories about social media, but not enough about stories like this one.