My birthday: what I’ve learned

So today, I am 42 years old. And that’s old enough to start inflicting “what I’ve learned” blog posts on all of you. So here goes. Here’s what I have to share with you after exactly 42 years on the planet – these are the fundamentals, as far as I’m concerned. Take what you like and leave the rest.

(And of course, let me know your own hard-earned rules for life.)

KAG’s Rules For Living

-Don’t be afraid to throw a lot of spaghetti at the wall.

-Bass players are for fun. Trombone (or clarinet) players are for life.

-Never eat pizza off the floor.

-Many – or maybe even most – worries and anxieties can be put to rest by asking yourself one simple question: “what’s the worst that could happen?”

-Your children really won’t sleep with you forever. Enjoy it now. Breathe in the smell of their hair. Pat their backs. Sing them to sleep. Repeat.

-The whole “birth experience” thing is kind of overrated.

-When you are 25 years old, and deciding what career to pursue, don’t leave income potential out of the equation. Money stress is a real bummer.

-Be nice.

-Endeavor to avoid inviting drama.

-Gutcheck before hitting “send.” Let your sister look at it, too.

-Never drink tequila, eat oreos and do live radio all at the same time.

-Lower your head modestly in passing and you will harvest bananas.

-Own your own stuff.

-Courage matters… a lot.

-Gossip is best confined to your sister and Dr Neighbor. That’s your gossip safe zone. Don’t venture outside the safe zone. Bad things happen there.

-If you get a do-over, don’t do the same thing over.

-They can’t eat you.

-Send thank you notes.

-If anyone ever refers to you as his “soulmate,” consider yourself warned.

-Go with the bagless, upright vaccuum.

-It’s just stuff.

-If a relationship takes work or struggle in the first six months, it isn’t going to work out.

-Finding the ongoing balance between necessary routine and Big Life is the key to everything. Seriously, that’s the whole thing.

-If you string lights up on your front porch, you will never be alone (unless you want to be).

-Wearing cute lingerie, even if no one sees it but you, makes a bad day better. Similarly, well-groomed eyebrows mask a multitude of other lapses.

-Feminism matters. Raise your daughters to stand up and speak out for their sisters.

-Children should be bored sometimes. It’s good for them.

-It’s all fun and games, ’til someone loses an eye.