When bad people do bad things

Hell hath no fury like the mother of a child who has been critically injured by evil people who need to be locked up.

The more I find out (because I am doing investigating myself) about exactly how H came to end up in the condition he is in, the more determined I become to make sure that the law enforcement and legal systems do their jobs properly in this case.

Mom 2.0 – where I wish I were spending my weekend

I really, REALLY wish I’d gotten my act together and figured out a way to attend this weekend’s fantastic Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston. The schedule looks just amazing, with many of the most innovative digital strategists in the country speaking, all of whom just happen to also be mamas. My friend Heather, with whom I’ve been working on a very exciting project over the past few months is one of the keynoters.

Anyway, I definitely want to try to make it to this one next year – with my nursing babe (she’s due July 31) along for the ride. This year – over the next few days – I’ll be watching for some live Mom 2.0 Summit blogging and tweeting from the lucky folks who are there.