Saturday Afternoon Anti-Lawn Progress

Have now come inside house to collapse for a while. It is HAWT out there! But check out the progress so far today….


Those rocks are HEAVY to transport from the backyard, up our slanted driveway, and into position in the new front yard garden. I’m also having to soak and dig out the spot where they are going to become the new stepping stones.

Exhausting! (But satisfying)

C is my rock selection and placement consultant. She and I ran into a small snake under one of the rocks we selected to move from back to front. He was most displeased to have his home plucked up and removed today.




Below you see my progress installing what will be central focal point of the new garden until the day in the future when I can design and install a little pond in that same spot.

The plants for that central area are Butterfly Weed, Pentas and Blanket Flowers. Next spring I’ll add clematis to climb up that pointy metal garden spire, which back in June, I rescued from the creek behind our house, where someone had inexplicably thrown it.


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