Today, I Get to Share Something Unbelievably Special With Y’all…

On the day you first  hold your newborn baby  in your arms, and you gaze down into his still bleary but undeniably beautiful eyes, many things run through your mind. You think about his first steps, first words – all the things you want to show him and teach him, and the anticipation of a lifetime ahead that you will get to watch becoming and manifesting…

Never, ever when you gaze down at your tiny, beloved bundle, with that sweet downy fuzz peeking out the top of the hospital’s striped, flannel receiving blanket do you consider the possibility that your child will not get the chance to fully unfold into who he was meant to be, instead dying in a particularly cruel way before even leaving his childhood behind.

And neither did I ever imagine a day when one of my most important tasks as Henry’s mother would come after his death – the task of  trying to convey who he really was so that a permanent logo could be created that truly represents what his brief life meant, and perhaps more importantly, what his legacy will be forevermore.

But that’s something that I have had to do, and getting it just right meant more to me than I can really explain.

It meant everything to me

And thanks to the hard work of my sister Betsy, and the creative brilliance and loving generosity of Robin Easter, who not only heads up Robin Easter Design Studio, but who also happens to be a longtime friend who knew Henry from the time he was a toddler, and who watched him and his younger siblings grow alongside her own gorgeous daughter  – that special logo has now become fully realized.

And that’s what I get to share with y’all today. Big, wet tears are dropping all over my keyboard as I am typing this, because that’s just how much this means to me. Robin and her design team really, really got who Henry was – and is – exactly, perfectly right, and now this new, permanent logo for Henry’s Fund is going to begin making a powerful, lasting, lifechanging impact on so many other kids who want to break free of the pain of drug addiction, just as Henry did. Henry never got that chance, but through his legacy of hope, and the work of those of us who loved him, and many wonderful volunteers who are getting involved with Henry’s Fund, so many other kids will get that chance.

This is the new logo for Henry’s Fund, designed and given as a gift of love from everyone at Robin Easter Design Studio to all the children in our midst who still suffer with the pain of  a drug addiction they never asked to have, and from which they deserve recovery and good health and a future – the future that my own child was denied.


Henry Louis Granju

Learn more about Henry's legacy of love and hope at


Why an owl? Well, we did consider going with a monkey theme, because my boy surely did love monkeys! But the owl was a very important animal to Henry in life. Since his death, our family has discovered that it has an even greater significance than we knew. Soon, when I gather my thoughts and quit weeping every time I look at the beautiful new logo for Henry’s Fund, I will share the full story – and all the many reasons – why owls and Henry go together so well.

I hope you love the new logo as much as I do. When I look at it, I see hope, and love, and faith in possibilities. And I see Henry. I really, really see Henry.

Thank you sweet, dear Robin. SO MUCH LOVE to all of you at Robin Easter Design Studio for your work on this logo, and for the other Henry’s Fund gifts you are still working on. I can’t wait to share those when they are ready.

And if any of y’all reading this would like to thank Robin and her team for yourselves, you can find them right over here on Facebook.

xoxo – Katie, Henry’s Mama

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