SPONSORED: When Life Happened

Sometimes I am approached by a company or organization to write about a topic, and I can’t believe they asked me when they did, because I’d been just about to blog about that very subject anyway.

That was the case when I first admitted a few months back that Jon and I really needed to get on the ball with becoming properly insured – because we simply weren’t – and now I’ve written an update over at Life Happens on the progress we’ve made since that time. We still don’t have all the insurance we need, but we are much closer to where we should be than we were when I first opened up about our lack of planning.

I hope that by talking openly about this, and admitting that our own insurance status is still a work in progress, it will encourage some of you who have also put off dealing with this issue, or who have felt overwhelmed by the whole thing to become motivated to take even a few first baby steps, like we have recently.

Having enough of the right insurance in place for yourself and for your family is SO important. And I want all of y’all to be safe and protected in the event that something unexpected comes your way.



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