Please Don’t Lick the Sidewalk

Yesterday was so lovely and warm that it felt like summer, and we all spent the afternoon in the yard, pretending it was June.

At one point, I handed out Popsicles. Danger Baby ate a few bites of hers and then proceeded to drop it on our front walkway. She seemed fascinated, watching Leo the Dog lap the sticky, melting Popsicle up off the concrete after she discarded it.

And it turns out, she was watching Leo closely because she intended to copy him.

I spent the next few hours of daylight repeatedly stopping her from pretending she was Leo, as she attempted to LICK non-existent, melting Popsicles OFF THE GROUND.

Again. And again. AND AGAIN she went back to the sidewalk licking. She’s so stubborn that I think that she only became more determined to do it the more times I made her stop.

She is kind of exhausting now. But I think this determined non-conformity will actually serve her well in her future role as leader of the free world.


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