The Baby Cousin(s): What else could NC be for Halloween?

A Baby Cousin(s) Update:

I’ve talked before about how naughty NC can be. But you have to love her anyway, because she has some magical quality that makes EVERYONE she meets want to be near her. She’s got IT. Charisma. Star quality. Whatever it is that makes people love you, no matter.

So what else could she be for Halloween…?


Social Media 101 for Grownups: A Panel Discussion from Leadership Knoxville

SOCIAL MEDIA 101 FOR GROWNUPS – a Knoxville Panel Presentation from Leadership Knoxville

What Facebook, Twitter and Linked In mean to you!

Facebook this, twitter that, Linked In where?

“To friend or ignore?”

“When to “defriend?”

“What not to tweet!”

Wondering why social media is all the buzz, and how and why people are using these tools?

Join us for an informative discussion with local social media experts to keep you in the loop and on the scene!

Please bring your laptop so you can get free assistance on getting started and learn more about these new forms of communication.

Speakers / Topics will include:

Katie Allison Granju Director of Digital & Social Media / Ackermann PR
Social media is the new ‘civic’ club. Learn how to make it useful personally and professionally.

Bob Wilson Director of New Media / Moxley Carmichael
Nuts & Bolts of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. How to get started and what you need to know now.

Suzy Trotta Realtor / Coldwell Banker Business Benefits of Social Media. Hear how her own use of social media and personal branding has produced measurable ROI in this challenging economy.

Gavin Baker, Community Manager for Ruby Tuesday on Social Media in a Corporate Environment.

Don’t be left out of the know! Seating is limited so reserve yours now!

Reserve your seat today!

Knoxville Chamber Markethouse Room
17 Market Square

Wednesday, Oct. 28th
4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Laptops encouraged – wireless provided!

LK Alumni $20 per person

Opens to General Public Oct. 21 $30 per person

Leadership Knoxville ι 17 Market Square Suite 201 ι Knoxville TN 37902 ι 865.523.9137

The apologist digs out

If you have contacted me in any way in the past three weeks (email/Twitter/Facebook/Blog comment/phone call/text/message from on high) and I have not responded in a timely way, I have two requests:

  1. Please forgive me:  I am buried in a backlog of unreturned messages, many of them kind wishes for better health from wonderful people. Please know that even if I am still too exhausted and disorganized to respond, I have appreciated and savored every sweet word.  I may never get responses out to every nice message I’ve received since I got sick in early October, but please know that I would if I could. And I feel very grateful and blessed that so many people took time to wish me a speedy recovery. (And if you contacted me during that same period to complain that you hate my blog, or that I am a Bad Mother, or that I am going to hell because of that photo of my kid on Flickr where he’s wearing a Ramones tee-shirt, please know that I am praying for you, too).
  2. If you have contacted me about anything that requires a real response, or even to which you would kind of LIKE a response, please pester me again…and again until you get one. Because that’s what it’s going to take for me to get back on top of everything in front of me at the moment. Don’t be shy. Just bug me and bug me until I answer you.  It may be a while, but I will eventually respond to everything in my inbox, even the email from the blog reader who asked where I get my eyebrows done (actually, I can take care of that one right now: Panache on Tazewell Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee. They do good brows.)


Yr Pal –  Katie

Is age two really so terrible? I think not.

I am back at work today! Easing back in with a modified schedule this week because I still get very tired.

I truly cannot, CANNOT offer enough gratitude to everyone who has helped me through this nasty viral ordeal, starting with my employer, who has been fantastic,  to my doctors (especially Dr. D.), to all of the people who brought food and books for me to read – or who helped me shuttle or care for my children.

Big thanks also to all of you sent kind emails or left comments here on my blog, Facebook or elsewhere.  Special thanks to my sweetie Jon, who has been a saint through all of this, as well as to Jay and my sister Betsy.  I don’t know what I would have done without each of you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  I feel very blessed to have so many wonderful people in  my life. I have some serious paying forward to do once I get completely well.

More on all of that later, but for today, I wanted to ask you parent-readers what childhood age or stage you enjoy most and least. You can find out my picks for best and worst ages & stages over at my Babble blog today.

So I am taking to my bed

So I’ve tried and tried to get over whatever this virus is that is kicking my arse. I’ve been limping along, trying to work from home, mother, etc, etc, ever since I got out of the hospital, and I still feel so weak that just getting C dresed in the morning exhausts me. Everything makes me want to lie down and fall asleep. Driving feels unsafe. Cooking food feels impossible. This is a rotten way to feel, and I am very ready to be done with it.

Today I was supposed to do a presentation at a luncheon. I was really looking forward to it. Considering how sick I’ve been/am, the idea that I COULD do a presentation right now is sort of ridiculous. I have no idea why I continued to insist that I could do it. Frankly, it was rather stupid and irresponsible of me. But as soon as I woke up this morning, I knew I could not. And I had to contact the organizers and tell them. I felt just awful to cancel on such late notice (although I am happy to say that I was able to get someone awesome to replace me).

Having to cancel this made me realize that something had to give. So this morning I had a conversation with my wonderful boss, who made it perfectly clear to me that she had been thinking the same thing, and that unless I TRULY allow myself to get well – time, space and quiet – I would not heal, and I would relapse and end up back in the hospital. She really helped me understand that sometimes you simply have to let go.


A radical concept for me.

But I am taking Cathy Ackermann’s completely wise, yet somewhat scary advice. I am letting go, completely.

I am staying in bed and off my feet and asleep and reading a book or two for the next week – til 10/26. No client work, driving, meetings, proposals, Twittering, blogging….just resting…and healing…and letting go.

I still don’t really know how all of this will work. I am worried that clients will be unhappy if I am unavailable completely for a week. And how will I mother my children? Just getting them to school and back and to appointments, etc is a challenge. I mean, Jon can’t do everything. So I did something perhaps even MORE radical than this letting go thing. I actually asked for help.

I actually sent an email to good friends asking if they can help me with getting the kids where they need to be for the next 5 or 6 days, and I even asked for help with keeping my family fed. Now that was radical for me. I have trouble accepting help even when people ofer it, but to ask for help? I still can’t believe I did it.

And now, I am going to sleep. In my bed. I am going to concentrate on healing my body and resting and truly letting go. I am going to trust that this will all work out. My kids will eat and get to school, with homework done. My clients won’t abandon me. My job will still be there. My friends won’t think I am a big whiner because I proactively asked for help.

I will be WELL and I will get my strength back, and I will be myself again. In fact, I plan to send this virus packing, simply by resting, It”s sort of a Gandhi-esque radical non-violent approach to getting well from a viral infection.

So it’s the rest cure for me (let’s hope it works better for me than it did for Charlotte Perkins Gilman).

I will see all of you again next week, after my week of complete rest and focus on healing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s Christmas Eve at my house!








Today is like Christmas Eve for me. Tomorrow H returns home after 8 months away (EIGHT MONTHS!) doing important, lifechanging work. And we’ll be having a big graduation party for him very soon 🙂

Love to all who have been there for me, him, and all of us during this challenging time for our family. Go H!!!!

Actually loving what you get to do for a living? Priceless

I really, truly enjoy my job. Great coworkers, great clients, fantastic and challenging work…this is the good stuff.

And lately, we’ve added some new clients that are making my job even more fascinating and fun.

For starters, I now have the opportunity to work with Clayton Homes, letting folks know more about the cutting edge, affordable, modular, green housing they are innovating, starting with their much-discussed i-house. Our firm’s work on behalf of the Clayton i-house just had a nice write-up in PR Week, and I am very much looking forward to letting more people know about the important work that Clayton is doing in this area, soon to expand beyond the i-house.

And at the moment, I am also having an absolutely fantastic time working with some incredibly bright folks on a very exciting convergence project that I can’t wait to tell more of my blog readers about in the months ahead, because I think it’s something y’all will really be into. As a longtime HGTV fan myself, I am truly, truly excited about this project in particular, and about getting to work with HGTV on their digital & social media strategy in general.

And it doesn’t end there. I am feeling blessed, truly blessed by the variety of smart, meaningful, fun and challenging digital and social media strategy projects I am getting to work on these days. Our rather rapidly growing digital strategy client roster currently includes: