Baby Belly & I Support Go Red for Women

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of American women? I didn’t knox this until recently. As I’ve educated myself about this critically important women’s health issue, I’ve learned that many women – and even some health care professionals – still don’t recognize the signs of heart attack in women, because women’s symptoms are notably different than the ones you hear about and read about in men.

As you can see, Baby Belly & I suited up in our favorite (okay, our ONLY) red dress today to show support for national Go Red Day. It’s an initiative from the American Heart Association to educate women on how they can prevent and recognize heart disease. Go Red also seeks to raise money and awareness in support of research into heart disease in women.

It's Go Red day, so baby belly & I wore our red dress. Learn more about women and heart disease, and how you can donate your time, talents & money to this great cause by visiting

I encourage you to take some time today – on Go Red Day – to educate yourself about this important women’s health issue, and to share what you learn with your mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, coworkers and girlfriends. Please consider donating your time, talents or money to your local Go Red organization or to the national program.

But most of all, learn what you need to know to take better care of yourself and your heart. You see, we kind of like you and hope you stay around a while 😉

xoxo, KATIE

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