Couch to 5K: I Think I May Actually Be Turning Into A Runner

Couch to 5K

The view from above: my feet in my running shoes.

I’ve never considered myself an athlete, and for good reason; I’ve never been very athletic, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. . I’ve also never enjoyed running.

 At all.

I’ve tried taking up running for exercise several times over the years and each time, I’ve quit almost immediately, and am left wondering why in the heck ANYONE would want to do such an unpleasant and unsatisfying thing.

But recently, I decided to give running one more try with the help of a training program called “Couch to 5K,” which is designed for people exactly like me. And guess what? I think I may actually LOVE running.

Over in my latest Babble Voices blog post, I am explaining what motivated me to give running one more try, and what I am finding to be so different this time around.

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